Darkside of Debonair
The Bushmeat Trade
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About the Author

All her life Barbara Davis has been driven to create, to build, and to learn. Whether doing her job as a piping drafter, using power tools on home improvements, drawing, painting, sculpting, or learning a new equestrian event, Barbara is always on the go. It was just a matter of time before her eye for detail and her wild vivid imagination evolved into the art of the written word. Barbara believes that all things happen for a reason, both the good and the bad, and that one can learn and grow from both.

Such was the case in January 2000 when Barbara first became aware of the bushmeat crisis. The horrors, the cover-ups, and the eyes turned away weighed heavily on her. She prayed, asking to be shown a way to help spread the news about the bushmeat crisis to the average household. That same night she dreamt the story line for DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR - The Bushmeat Trade.

The next day Barbara began her journey as a novelist by unveiling Africa's dirty secret. Totally consumed in the research, Barbara spent two years writing and rewriting, incorporating new information as she acquired it. She interviewed people from all over the United States, Canada, Japan, and Africa including such scientists as a geologist, a primatolologist, and several conservationists and anthropologists. She also interviewed big game hunters and firearm experts. In addition, she traveled thousands of miles attending the conventions of hunters, animal conservationists, and writers.

Barbara, with painstaking research, clear and focused vision, colorful and riveting style, all enhanced by her personal travels to Africa, has brought forth an inspiring first novel, DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR - The Bushmeat Trade. The book will engulf the reader, drawing him to Africa. Barbara has created a novel to remember.

Barbara Davis is now laying the foundation for two new novels involving African wildlife and culture. These new stories will encompass current events and some of the same characters as DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR - The Bushmeat Trade.