Darkside of Debonair
The Bushmeat Trade
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Biography Sheet:

Barbara Davis is the award winning author of Darkside of Debonair - The Bushmeat Trade. This entertaining novel exposes Africa’s dirty secret and shows why Jane Goodall believes that in 10 to 15 years there may not be any primates in the wild and how we could be losing a natural cure for AIDS.

When Barbara learned that 90% of Americans did not know about the bushmeat crisis, she set out, with determination and passion to make changes. She interviewed people from all over the United States, Canada, Japan and Africa; including scientists such as a geologist, anthropologist, primatologist, and conservationists. To fully understand the different aspects of the industry, she sought out big game hunters and firearm experts. In addition, she traveled thousands of miles attending the conventions of professional hunters, animal conservationists and writers. Compiling this information in a novel form allows her to reach those who are outside of the animal conservation groups and show how this affects the animals, environment, forest people and others around the world.

In May 2003 Barbara and her book were honored with the Silver Medallion for Popular Fiction in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards.

Also in May 2003, Aspire2Write (United Kingdom writers group) featured Barbara and her work.

The debut issue of The Written Word Magazine (June 2003) featured Barbara’s work.

2002 hosted a 10 state promotional tour and numerous radio interviews across the US.

Barbara’s interviews grab and captivate audiences and interviewers alike. She can explain and discuss varies aspects of the controversy surrounding the bushmeat industry with compassion and a levelheaded perspective while exposing Africa’s dirty secret.

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Darkside of Debonair - The Bushmeat trade
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