Darkside of Debonair
The Bushmeat Trade
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Gorillas and chimpanzees are now being eaten by their closet living relatives - humans!

The logging industry is hunting the forests into extinction! Jane Goodall believes that in less than 15 years there will be no primates left in the wild which may lead to losing a natural remedy for AIDS and allow more diseases to jump to humans such as SARS!

“It’s a horrible and gruesome event that is happening all around the world.” According to award winning novelist Barbara Davis. Her ongoing study of the bushmeat black market fuels her passion to reach the 90% of Americans who are unaware of the crisis. “There are forms of it happening right here in the United States!”

Davis is the author of the romantic/action/thriller DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR - The Bushmeat Trade, which shows the different aspects and effects of the bushmeat black-market. “This is my springboard, it gives me a platform to expose Africa’s dirty secret. Not everyone wants to read a scientific thesis, so I provide an entertaining way to learn what is happening to the animals, the environment, the forest people and others around the world.”

Frequently interviewed on radio and for newsprint, Barbara Davis welcomes questions from listeners & readers alike. To learn more about the bushmeat crisis or for an in-depth, stimulating and informative interview with Barbara, phone:

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Barbara Davis author of
Darkside of Debonair - The Bushmeat trade
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